“The Event: COMING SOON!” a site specific installation, Out of the Blue Gallery,  541 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA (USA).
April 9, 2016 to April 30, 2016.
Vernissage / Opening Party: Saturday April 9, 2PM to 5PM.


This is my first installation piece at the Out of the Blue Gallery. I had #FUN(*) putting it all together, and it just grew organically from an idea into what you see now in front of you.

The Art is the entire installation.

My Intention with this piece is to present a situation, “The Event”, as a blank canvas, with a few hints to prime you, the viewer, and let your imagination go wild.

What happened here?
What is happening?
What is about to happen?
Is this the Alpha, or the Omega? The beginning or the end?

I invite you to take it all in as a whole, and to also observe each object and detail.
Please do not draw any conclusions; that would be booooooooooring! Make up your own story, create your own narrative; the meaning is one and only one: have #FUN.

LOR3nzo's TheONE x32

This is my attempt to have a dialog with you, even if I am not physically present. My Art is my message, and my sentence ends where your thinking begins; it’s a 2-way conversation not a monologue.

If you want to take photos, I suggest you:

  • Take a selfie! Put yourself in the foreground and my Art in the background.
  • Tag me on Facebook @LOR3nzo, suggested hashtag #TheONE.
  • Tag me on Twitter @LOR3nzo, suggested hashtag #TheONE.
  • Tag me on Instagram @LOR3nzo_com, suggested hashtag #TheONE.

I hope I gave you a smile, and that now, as you are reading this, we are having a conversation in your head.

LOR3nzo's TheONE x3

NOTE: while The Art is the entire installation, the framed pieces (TheONE) and the Campbell’s Soup Cans (TheONE) are for sale; the props (rug, chair, etc…) are not. Sorry. You can ask TJ or Tom at the front desk to help you with your purchase. As a starving an emerging artist I can guarantee you that 100% of the proceeds will go to Trader Joe’s for my grocery.

LOR3nzo's TheONE / Campbell’s Soup Can

Artist: LOR3nzo
Title: The Event: COMING SOON
Year: 2106
Dimensions: approx 7 ft x 6 ft x 4 ft
Media: TheONE (acrylic on canvas, framed – various dimensions), chair, bench, book, ashtray, cigar and other props.

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(*) I had #FUN it felt as if it should be illegal