LOR3nzo's "The ONE"

LOR3nzo’s “The ONE”

“The ONE” is my attempt to re-interpret expand the concept of Street Art, mixing it up with a touch of Conceptual Art, and a double helping of Performance Art.

Physically, The ONE is a series of 2.5″ x 6″ paintings, the familiar size of the U.S. dollar bill.  Each The ONE is bartered with, or gifted to, individuals from all walks all life.  So far it has involved street performers, espresso in coffee shops (Chinatown Coffee Company – DC et al), Art for Art, photo ops, Museums (MIT’s List Art Center, ICA Boston, MFA Boston, HirshHorn Museum DC, National Gallery of Art DC), drinks in bars, food in restaurants, friendship (that’s priceless) . . . and the list continues.
The ONE has been adopted in Boston, Washington DC, San Diego, Canada, Italy, France, UK, Poland, and Romania.

Each The ONE is hand painted and one of a kind, numbered in series, and signed on the back. It features the motto Fuck It! as well as the inscription The ONE. The ONE refers to the receiver since s/he is The ONE fulfilling the performance that makes the Art possible by accepting the barter or the gift.


LOR3nzo's "The ONE" (detail)

LOR3nzo’s “The ONE” (detail)

The ONE is generally painted in batches of 32 at a time, 4 across by 8 down, the same way the U.S. currency is printed.


LOR3nzo's "The ONE" (detail)

LOR3nzo’s “The ONE” (detail)

Each The ONE is hand drawn and hand painted.

2.5″ x 6″ (6.25 cm x 15 cm) acrylic and liquid oil paint on primed 10 oz cotton duck canvas.


DISCLAIMER: The ONE is Art, not currency.